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Projects at the ECGC

The most ambitious project of the ECGC to date is our collaboration with the European Environment Agency. The project on Narratives for Change has so far resulted in five policy briefs that all try to break with standard narratives and discourse about a variety of sustainability issues. They include:


Growth without Economic Growth (2021)


With people and for people: Innovating for sustainability (2021)


COVID-19: lessons for sustainability? (2022)


Rethinking Agriculture (2022)


Exiting the Anthropocene? Exploring fundamental change in our relationship with nature (2023)


We reflected on our experiences with this project in a short paper in Issues of Science and Technology.


The ECGC has also worked with several universities and governmental organisations, including the University of Bergen, the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Research Council of Norway, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, and the European Commission-Joint Research Centre.

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